persevere, persist are both used in reference to persons in the sense of to continue in a given course in the face of difficulty or opposition.
Persevere nearly always implies an admirable quality; it suggests both refusal to be discouraged by failure, doubts, or difficulties, and a steadfast or dogged pursuit of an end or an undertaking

I will persevere in my course of loyalty, though the conflict be sore between that and my blood— Shak.


for, strength to persevere and to support, and energy to conquer and repel — these elements of virtue, that declare the native grandeur of the human soul— Wordsworth


I do not intend to take that cowardly course, but, on the contrary, to stand to my post and persevere in accordance with my duty—Sir Winston Churchill

Persist (see also CONTINUE)may imply a virtue

this is the poetry within history, this is what causes mankind to persist beyond every defeat— J. S. Untermeyer

but it more often suggests a disagreeable or annoying quality, for it stresses stubbornness or obstinacy more than courage or patience and frequently implies opposition to advice, remonstrance, disapproval, or one's own conscience

persist in working when ill


it is hard to see how they can have persisted so long in inflicting useless misery— Russell

Analogous words: *continue, abide, endure, last
Contrasted words: vary, *change, alter: waver, vacillate, falter, *hesitate

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.


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